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Tailor of  Hair

Our hair coloring service is an experience of well-being and self-care, more than a simple color application.

Hair color is a very important ornament for a woman's image and cannot be the result of improvisation or an “artistic” effect by the professional.

The hair color is the result of an analysis of the client's image, the state of her hair, the client's needs / wishes and our professional advice.


Everything you need

Blow Out
Hair Salon


coloring technique that covers the regrowth based on the use of one or more nuances and at the same time reconstructs the structure and toning of the hair length.

Starting from € 90.00


Innovative coloring and lightening technique that gives wonderful natural shades inspired by the purest hair, those of children and by musical harmony, whose notes take on vibrations of color.

starting from € 80.00

The color tailored for you.

The creation of a custom color is the basis on which we color respecting the wishes and of the customer.
At each visit we examine your hair and evaluate the best solution.
When we color our hair, we follow a very clear and straightforward procedure.
We do not color if the hair structure could be damaged and if the obtainable result is not the one planned with the customer.
For us, advice, at each visit, is the most important moment and we do not give up.

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